Participant Services

Sort Your Support is an NDIS service provider that offers a range of individualised services for NDIS participants.

What services does Sort Your Support offer?

Sort Your Support can assist you with:

  • NDIS plan preparation, including;

Helping you get ready for your first NDIS plan, or for an upcoming NDIS plan review

  • NDIS plan implementation, including;

Helping you get started using your NDIS funding, or ideas about using it in a more effective way

  • Education and assistance around finding support workers and therapists that actually meet your needs, including;

Helping you work out what you are looking for in a support worker, advice about negotiation, or practical help around interviewing support people

  • Preparing for, and making complaints about the NDIS or an NDIS provider, including;

Situations where you are unhappy with a decision the NDIS has made, or a provider did something that made you upset

  • Learning about NDIS self-management, including;

Assistance setting up the myplace participant portal, learning how to make payment requests/claims, and understanding the record keeping obligations

  • Other NDIS related assistance or advice, including;

Understanding the NDIS price guide, plus anything else you can think of!

Who can use the services of Sort Your Support?

To use the services of Sort Your Support, your NDIS plan must either be self managed or plan managed.

Currently, Sort Your Support cannot provide services to those with an NDIS managed plan. However, if you would like to change parts or all of your NDIS plan to self managed or plan managed, Sort Your Support can assist you free of charge with no obligation to continue using the services afterwards.

How much do the services of Sort Your Support cost?

Sort Your Support charges a flat rate of $50 per hour for the services.

For those with support coordination in their plan, Sort Your Support charges $75 per hour for this service. This is $25 less per hour than what support coordination providers generally charge. This means you can get more support coordination out of your plan, as the hourly savings means you can get more service for your money.

Support coordination is more expensive as this service generally requires of me a higher degree of record-keeping and administrative duties; such as report writing and liaising with the NDIS.

There is no minimum spend for any of the services Sort Your Support offers – meaning we can work together whenever needed, without lock in contracts or big commitments.

Sounds good! Where do we go from here?

Please get in touch using the details below for an obligation free chat, to discuss how we can best work together.


Phone: 0450 731 406